S C I E N C E.               T e c h n o l o g y.                E n g i n e e r i n g.                A r t.                  M a t h e m a t i c s.

Calling all future scientists and Engineers!

STEAM night 2020 is calling for entries to the:




Thursday, March 26

  Do you love science?  Do you enjoy asking “why?” or “what if?” or “which is better?” Do you love fun experiments?

  Do you love engineering?  Want to build something spectacular, like a model skyscraper or a circuit that lights a lightbulb?

All students are invited to enter a project at our science fair!  Enter as individuals or teams!  All participants enter a raffle for a prize!

Our science fair takes place as part of STEAM night, a free, fun-filled family event with hands-on STEM activities, art, & musical performances.

  MARCH 20
:  Deadline for online project entry

  MARCH 25:  Drop off project display boards in main office

  MARCH 26:  STEAM night and SCIENCE FAIR!

GOALS:  At the elementary level, we simply aim to encourage children’s natural curiosity at this age in a hands on, self-driven way.  Through projects, they gain exposure to the scientific method or an engineering design process.  They also learn how to communicate their work.  We hope to foster critical thinking and a love of learning and in the process inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers!

WHAT WILL MY ROLE BE AS PARENT?  They pick the topic they love, they ask the questions.  It should be child-led.  You simply help them gather supplies and learn to answer those questions through background research, observation, and “doing”.  You do not need to be a scientist to do this!  Lots of websites have fun project ideas!

 One we love:

WHAT TYPES OF PROJECTS DO WE WANT?  Any and all!  Hypothesis driven experiments, demonstrations, models, and observational data collection or surveys are all acceptable.  Projects with hands-on exhibits encouraged.  In the past, we focused on hypothesis-driven projects, and we still love those!  But we would like to broaden this year’s scope.  One year a child built a model of a city--it was fantastic and she learned a lot about how a city is laid out (civil engineering)!  Other fun ideas have included building a battery out of a lemon, volcanoes, testing what color toys the family dog prefers, what size water balloons burst easiest--at this level, projects do not have to be novel, earth shattering or complicated.  Let your child’s interests lead!  Any project that gets a child excited about learning fits our goal.

WHERE WILL MY CHILD’S POSTER BE DISPLAYED?  In the gym at the STEAM night event.  Students will stand at their posters for the first half hour to answer questions about their projects (they love this!) then are free to stay or roam the event throughout the evening.


  1. Help your child choose a research question or idea that’s “testable” or “doable”
  2. Register your child’s project at: by March 20.
  3. Gather supplies--display boards are found at Walmart and other office supply stores
  4. Set aside a day (or two!) for your child to complete the project and display board
  5. Drop off the project at the school by March 25.

Check out our webpage for more info:

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